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HP-100B (Simple packaging)

HP-100B (Simple packaging)

Net Direct Price: 24,235Yen

Action: Press draw operation(Double Action)
Nozzle Size: 0.2mm
Paint Reservoir: 1.5ml

Use: It is suitable for fine work.

Olympos HP-100B
We would love you to hold the Olympos HP-100B airbrush in your hand and get the feel of it and its actions. Toshiya Takeshima the general manager of Olympos Airbrush has great confidence in saying that the Olympos HP-100B is the best 0.2mm airbrush in the market today.
The Olympos HP-100B is an outstanding airbrush which is very comfortable to use and feel in your hand. Whether you are using the Olympos HP-100B for fine detail or general airbrushing, it has a very smooth paint flow and control. Those who own or who have compared the Olympos HP-100B understand just how good this airbrush is.
The Olypmos HP-100B is a very popular airbrush and stock numbers are declining, so if you are considering purchasing a new airbrush I suggest that you do so now.
Olympos HP-100B get one now and enjoy using this outstanding airbrush.

※When you purchase simple package products please understand that a simple package products means the product is not in an exclusive case or is not wrapped in a moulded urethane case and only has a simple manual and accessories included.

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