Shop Owner's Profile

Toshiya Takeshima

All the airbrushes made by Olympos Company are very high quality products which are very popular with all users of different skill levels.
At the end of July in 2008 the business operation of the Olympos Companywent through a transition phase and management restructure.
During this transitional stage our shop continued to help customers of the Olympos Company with sales and support.
During this time, we were able to manage this site and be responsible for helping everybody, the users of Olympos airbrushes. In a time when the Olympos Company seriuosly considered its future viability.
Because we were already cooperating with the parts manufacturer there were no problems to supply customers with aftermarket products should the Olympos Company cease to continue operating.
The Olympos company in now focused on the future continuing to bring its outstanding airbrushes to World to enjoy...enjoy Airbrushing

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