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HP-62B (Simple packaging)【Special price】

HP-62B (Simple packaging)【Special price】

Net Direct Price: 11,642Yen

HP-62B【Pen sense】

Action: Press draw operation(Double Action)
Nozzle Size: 0.2mm
Paint Reservoir: 1.5ml

Use: It is suitable for fine work.
Inventory: There are so many.
Price: is profitable.

Store manager
comprehensive evaluation of
★★★★ ☆

This is easy to use for beginners unlike Olympos HP-100B and ANEST IWATA HP-BP. Which have a very sensitive lever movement which changes how much paint will come out. With the HP-62B it is less sensitive and the lever has more movement and better management of the paint flow.
HP-62 is the best air brush to starting double action air brushing! It is good for beginners, however it is also very good for professionals. This is the type of air brush that someone who does not like a sensitive lever movement and a lot of paint flow.
HP-62B has the cup which has a smaller top which is less likely to spill the paint out off.
Sometimes we had a complaint from a customer who bought an air brush with small nozzle and he said “there is no lid” The airbrush which has small nozzle is for detail work, there for you do not need to move air brush a lot when you work. Because of that HP-62B has a cup with small top and that is why it does not need a lid on the cup. However we do make a mistake sometimes and we may spill paint out of the cup.

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  • エアーブラシフリーハンド似顔絵をおおいに楽しんでおられる川野氏がHP-62Bを使ってスマホカバーに描いたものをここで紹介させて頂きます。

  • HP-62Bで絵を描いて遊んでくれている様子の動画です。

    Testando a ferramenta nova... Obrigado mestre Yudi Yamashita pela oportunidade de adquirir uma ferramenta tão maravilhosa. Revenderemos exemplares em breve. Olympus, excelência em aerógrafos...

    Posted by Edson Martins on 2015年9月30日

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