MP series

The Olympos MP200 series are a very high quality airbrush and has many airbrushing admirers.
The Olympos MP200 is ideal for very detailed work or airbrushing very thin lines and it also has a very smooth paint flow. The Olympos MP200 series airbrushes are for experienced artists who appreciate its features and also those customers who are used to regular maintenance of their airbrush.
The Olympos MP200 series airbrush is very comfortable to use and feels very good in your hand. You will know and beginners will also know just how good Olympos airbrushes are if you compare them to other standard brands of airbrush. Simple packaged products means that they are very reasonable priced because they do not have expensive plastic cases and molded airbrush holders.
Sometimes if you do not maintain your airbrush regularly and properly you would think that your airbrush is not very good. Whatever airbrush you use it is very important to maintain your airbrush regularly if you would like your airbrush to continue doing an excellent job.

Each of the nozzle bases 1 Hole, S3 hole and the L3 hole are different, however the difference between these nozzle bases is very subtle. Every airbrush user has their own preferences regarding their airbrush set ups. These three individual Olympos MP-200 nozzle base sets are available so you can compare them so you can see and feel the difference between them.
The nozzle head of the Olympos MP series and the iwata CM series are very similar and can be exchanged with each other.

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